Optional eshipping.sk services

Other useful services that will help make your transport even more efficient.

Optional Services

In addition to transport services, we also offer other useful services that will help you make your transport even more efficient.

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Search and check suppliers

Search for reliable suppliers

Verification of suppliers

Ordering goods according to requirements

Inspection of goods based on requirements

Elaboration of a detailed report from the goods inspection

Check the correctness and completeness of invoices from the supplier

Additional transport services

Check delivery conditions

Representation before customs authorities

Ensure domestic transport within Slovakia and the EU

Consultation and advice when negotiating contractual terms with the supplier

Verification of the validity of the certification for imported goods and for all actions related to it

Services before and after the transport of goods

Representation before logistics, forwarding and shipping carriers


Ensure domestic transport within the seller's country

Help with possible product complaints

If you are interested in any of the services offered: